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Binge eating disorder is characterized by cycles of eating large portions of food at a single time and feeling shame, disgust or guilt for those actions. These eating events may be preceded by periods of strict dieting and restricted calorie intake that fall to the wayside and result in the feeling of loss of control. Also cyclical in nature, those who suffer from binge eating disorder are more likely to be overweight or obese and struggle with medical issues like diabetes , heart disease, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, among others. There is no purging involved and some who suffer from BED may be of normal weight. Binge eating is often done while alone due to boredom or depression.

What all these eating disorders share in common is the issue of control. The psychological and physical damage that is caused by each of them cannot be overstated. It is not uncommon for those with eating disorders to also suffer from depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, borderline personality disorder, substance abuse or Dual Diagnosis .

According to the National Institute of Mental Health . Eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice. They are biologically-influenced medical illnesses.

The upside is that eating disorders can be treated.

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Who Gets Treated For Eating Disorders In Los Angeles

Update June 2021: We are so excited to have our own low-cost option. Please read more here.

This NEDAwareness week, Ive been thinking a lot about the theme of Lets Get Real. One stubborn myth about eating disorders is that they affect primarily white, upper-middle-class females.

It would take you just one afternoon at my own Los Angeles practice to discover how untrue this is. My clients are all genders, ages, and ethnicities. I accept some private insurance and one public insurance. Among my patients with eating disorders are non-native English speakers, immigrants from low SES backgrounds, and people on public assistance.

The myth that eating disorders affect only the wealthy not only makes it more difficult for patients who dont meet the stereotype to recognize that they have a problem but affects the entire system of treatment.

Throughout the US, there is a shortage of publicly funded specialized treatment programs for eating disorders. And specialized eating disorder treatment is expensive! The residential treatment complex only serves the economically privileged.

I searched the Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness list of Medicare/Medicaid providers and facilities within 50 miles of Los Angeles and came up with only one Medicare provider and no Medicaid providers or facilities.

A Letter From Monte Nido Eating Disorder Center Of California’s Clinical Director

The world often paints those seating disorders with a wide brush. But we recognize different people come to their eating disorder by different roads, and living with an eating disorder means the road you travel is a lonely one. This disconnection can lead you to believe you cant enjoy what others take for granted friends, family, food, life. Monte Nidos Eating Disorder Center of California is passionate about showing you that you are not alone and that each of us has the strength, courage, and wisdom to live a fully recovered life.

The road to recovery may feel long. There isnt a single, universal approach to treating eating disorders no guidebook or tricks that apply to everyone and provide instant results. Although there are common threads that bind us together genetic, environmental and cultural factors the most effective treatment plan must be woven from the material that makes you, you. We develop a comprehensive treatment approach designed specifically for you to help you understand yourself and the underlying causes of your eating disorder. Many of our staff members are recovered , so we understand the mental and physical energy needed to feed your healthy self. We know all too well the daily struggle with self-deception and self-sabotage can make you feel weak and unlovable in a world too small to bear. The path to living the joyful life you deserve can start now.


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What Causes Eating Related Disorders

Eating related disorders largely genetic, but a range of environmental and biological variables can have an effect in starting off the behaviors. Personality traits such as perfectionism, obsessive thinking, neuroticism, and impulsivity point to a greater risk of developing eating-related difficulties. Trauma is very often linked to the development of an eating-related disorder as a way to regain control.

Recent research also points to some sociocultural ideals as a trigger for eating-related illnesses. The media bombards the public with images of ultra-thinness as an example of a perfect body. Social media is full of photoshopped and airbrushed images so filtered it is impossible to know what anyone really looks like. This perpetual exposure influences our body image on a conscious and subconscious level.

Care At Home On Your Schedule

Nina Savelle

Equips virtual treatment delivery allows you to access your providers whenever works best for your family. Because multiple people can participate in care sessions regardless of locationyou can define who is in your family support circle. No time is wasted driving to clinic appointments, and families dont need to leave work or school for care. Your entire family has access to support, including siblings and your familys needs are addressed holistically.

Your loved one with an eating disorder will need to face their greatest challenge multiple times a day, and we know that for most people, that requires more support than a once a week therapy session. Families have unlimited access to their care team, can adjust the number of sessions with their providers, and message them between sessions. If you just need a quick check-in, we offer short appointmentsas well as regular hour-long sessions.

Finally, Equip believes that you cant build a life worth living if youre not living life. Our goal is to help you address challenges in real life, and rebuild your life worth living so that there are real consequences to relapsing.

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Thankfully I Do Youre Not Alone

I am incredibly passionate about freeing people from self-destructive relationships to food and all forms of eating disorders.

Through my healing journey, Ive found a way to help others. Youll make a full recovery and discover the joyful person inside you. .

You deserve to be whole and happy and enjoy all the delicious aspects of life without shame or guilt dragging you down.

Its not your fault. Youve found yourself in a difficult position, but youve taken the crucial first step to getting your life back.

How We Support Individuals Navigating Eating Disorders And Body Image Concerns

Some forms of eating disorder treatment have eating behaviors as the main focus. But, therapists at Highland Park Holistic Psychotherapy approach eating disorder treatment from a depth therapy perspective. This means we look at the whole person, not just the part of you that is eating in a disordered way.

With your eating disorder therapist, you will work to uncover any unconsciously held beliefs that you have inside. These beliefs may have led to using control around eating as a way to try and stay safe on an emotional level.

Its not about the food. Its about finding ways to help you feel safe in your body again. When we can understand the connection between our beliefs and emotions that grew from past experiences and even trauma, healing starts. Along with this, behaviors around eating start to change as well.

This kind of therapy will include emotional processing and trauma therapy. This would help to make your nervous system and body start to feel safe in the world again. You will also have the grounding safety of the relationship you develop with your therapist.

While eating disorders come in many forms, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and orthorexia to name a few, they all share a similar outcome – intense physical, psychological and emotional pain. This can leave you feeling helpless, hopeless, isolated and unable to break out of a seemingly endless cycle of self-destructive thoughts and behaviors.

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Treatment For Anorexia Nervosa

The most lethal of eating disorders is anorexia nervosa, a deadly disease where people deny themselves food to the point of starvation. Those who suffer from anorexia restrict their eating, practice extreme rituals, over-exercise, judge the weight of others, take prescription or over-the-counter medications to reduce hunger, curb appetite and increase metabolism. As the weight continues to drop and the disease accelerates, the obsessive nature of it perpetuates further weight loss that can cause personality changes and mood swings. It is extremely hard on the body . Left untreated, anorexia increases the chance of death six-fold.

The Advantages Of Binge Eating Disorder Recovery In Los Angeles

Eating Disorder Therapy LA – About Us

Los Angeles is one of Californias most noteworthy cities. The sprawling city is recognized as the capital of television and film, but beyond the shadow of the Hollywood sign, there is much to see, do, and discover in the area and a lot of interesting people to meet. If you are ready to make a change in your life, seeking binge eating disorder therapy in Los Angeles could prove to be one of the best decisions you ever make.

If you believe you or someone you love has an eating disorder, please call:

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I Need To Numb To Hide To Not Feel

I cant wait for this workday to be done, and it is only 1:22 p.m. The only thing that keeps me going is the thoughts of going to the market and buying all the foods I did not allow myself to eat this week so that I can binge all evening.

I hope I will be able to get all the foods that I must eat, so tonight will be the last time I binge.

Tomorrow Ill restrict again, wont eat all day, and will go to the gym for three hours. Ill burn all the calories Ill eat tonight.

I promise myself that I wont throw up because its been a few weeks since I did that.

Lately It Feels Like Food Is Your Enemy

Youve tried every type of diet, cleanse and exercise program in an attempt to get in shape and regain control of your eating, but nothing seems to work.

You feel guilty after eating anything not in alignment with the way youd like to be eating. Especially if youve overeaten ityet again. You promise yourself, you wont blow it again tomorrow.

Whats more, your friends are starting to complain that you never go out anymore because you say no to most social invitations. You just dont want to be seen looking the way you do. Its easier to stay home, where you have more control over what you eat. Plus you need to make sure you get your work out in, and theres no time for anything else.

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How Our Helpline Works

For those seeking addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one, the helpline is a private and convenient solution.

We are standing by 24/7 to discuss your treatment options. Our representatives work solely for AAC and will discuss whether an AAC facility may be an option for you.

Our helpline is offered at no cost to you and with no obligation to enter into treatment. Neither nor AAC receives any commission or other fee that is dependent upon which treatment provider a visitor may ultimately choose.

For more information on AACs commitment to ethical marketing and treatment practices, or to learn more about how to select a treatment provider, visit our About AAC page.

If you wish to explore additional treatment options or connect with a specific rehab center, you can browse top-rated listings, or visit SAMHSA.

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Avoidant/restrictive Food Intake Disorder

Pop star Kesha checks into rehab for eating disorder

Experts categorize this disorder as a persons failure to meet minimum daily nutrition requirements because they have a lack of interest in eating. In addition, such people tend to avoid food with specific sensory characteristics, like color, texture, smell, or taste. Sometimes the individual associates fear with the consequences of eating, like choking. This disorder is different from the others because they do not actively avoid food because of the fear of gaining weight.

This disorder can result in extreme weight loss or failure to gain the necessary weight in childhood. It can also be the cause of nutritional deficiencies that can lead to other health problems.

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Nourish For Life Outpatient Program

At UCLA Health Mattel Childrens Hospital, our specialists provide outpatient support for those age 26 and under. We first conduct an eating disorder-focused medical assessment and evaluation with a psychologist and dietitian. Then we offer appropriate care based on each patients and familys needs.

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Center In Los Angeles Ca

If you believe you or someone you love has an eating disorder, please call:

The National Eating Disorder Association states that it is suspected that binge eating disorders are likely the most common type of eating disorder in the country. Women are most affected by the disorder, with as many as 3.5 percent of females who have the disorder. However, men are also commonly diagnosed with BED, with an estimated 2 percent having the disorder. Binge eating disorder therapy must include a comprehensive plan that is specifically designed for the individual. At Monte Nido in Los Angeles, we focus on offering treatment for BED through our day treatment program.

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Experience The Joy Of You

With the proper support and therapy behind you, theres nothing in your life that you cant accomplish.Your family and personal relationships will flourish as your awareness expands to who you indeed are.

Each morning youll wake up feeling energized and loving the person you see in the bathroom mirror.

Your life should be so much bigger than this constant struggle with issues around food.

Its time to be nourished. Give yourself the support you deserve and start living today.

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Heres What Patients Say After Completing Treatment*

ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders and Severe Malnutrition Video Tour
  • 97% feel hopeful about their future*
  • 95% believe they can handle life after treatment*
  • 99% know what helps them get better*

Our experience at Center for Discovery was top notch. We are incredibly grateful to them for not only their professionalism, but their knowledge as well as compassion for our daughter and family. Sarah S., parent of CFD alumni

This experience was life-changing. Mave C., former patient at CFD

*Percentage includes adult and adolescent patients who admitted to the Discovery Mood & Anxiety Program in 2021 and completed the Recovery Assessment Scale . Average length of stay is 34.2 days for those who completed treatment .

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Equip Treatment: How We Took The Best Eating Disorder Treatment Option Availablefbtand Improved It

JD is Equip’s Director of Mentorship. She is an educator turned Family Mentor whose youngest child developed anorexia in 2012 they received cutting edge, evidence-based treatment at UC San Diego, igniting JDs passion to ensure all families have access to evidence-based care. She became active in online family support communities, writing, and began attending and speaking at conferences. She is a board member for FEAST.

Your most pressing question is likely, How do I help my loved one and my family beat this eating disorderfor good?

Equip took the most effective treatment model available for eating disordersFamily Based Treatment and gathered experts in the field, including those with lived experience, to build upon it in order to help you do just that.

Why do we need better treatment? Of patients who attend a residential treatment program, 50% need to be readmitted within a yearand only 35% of those with eating disorders fully recover in todays current treatment landscape. At Equip we believe we can change those numbers drastically by changing everything about the way eating disorders treatment is delivered. Those statistics reflect the lives of real people who deserve the chance to fulfill their potential and live lives free of the disruptive and often tragic impact of an eating disorder. Equip builds on fundamental principles of FBT and powerfully enhances it for better, longer-lasting results.

Equip follows the principles of Family Based Treatment by:

Getting Help At Our Eating Disorder Treatment Center In Los Angeles

Montare Behavioral Healths eating disorder treatment center in Los Angeles, CA, utilizes individualized treatment plans in a therapeutic environment in order to treat eating disorders. Treatment plans include body image therapy, family therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, nutrition therapy, exercise, neurofeedback, recreational therapy, and various holistic treatments. Often the sooner one enrolls in eating disorder treatment, the better off he or she will be.

For those individuals who are experiencing the symptoms of eating disorders, seeking an eating disorder treatment center in Los Angeles can be beneficial and even life-saving. At Montare Behavioral Health, we offer individualized eating disorder treatment plans to help you restore a sense of control to your life. Call us today at 782-5553 to learn more about how Montare Behavioral Health in Los Angeles can help you overcome eating disorders.

Our biggest desire is to help you achieve a life that is worth living. Please call us for free consultation.

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Healing Is Possible And You Dont Have To Do It Alone

Eating disorders are serious. They have the potential to be life-threatening conditions. Due to this, they need immediate intervention. They can result in serious consequences for your health, emotional wellbeing, and relationships.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our holistic therapists. We specialize in working with eating disorders.

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